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Observation of Precision Blade Edges

Various microscopy techniques using digital microscopes



Router bits are used for micromachining metal, machining very small-diameter holes on printed circuit boards, etc. The shape of the groove or blade edge greatly affects the bit’s cutting ability. Currently, there are various precision drills, including some that have a diameter of 1 mm or less, and it’s difficult to observe the shape of the groove or blade edge on these small-diameter bits using the naked eye. When using a microscope, router bits with a twisted structure and irregularities require focus adjustments based on the height of each irregularity, making it difficult to obtain fully focused images.

Olympus’ solution

Olympus' DSX510 digital microscope has an extended focal image function that can automatically compose fully focused images. In addition, the microscope’s ability to construct 3D images enables you to clearly observe the router bit’s blade edge, even if it has irregularities. From the main observation methods menu, you can select the most suitable observation method for your sample with a single click, eliminating the complicated setting adjustments required by conventional microscopes. With a clear, all-in-focus image, you can also quantify sharpness by measuring the angle of the blade edge. This advanced digital microscope combines an optical microscope with the latest digital imaging technology, enabling you to acquire the data you want quickly and easily.

1.Eliminating the blur caused by part of the image being out of focus

  • Precision drill 0.4_ob10×z1_BF 2D WiDER
    Conventional observation method

  • Precision drill 0.4_ob10×z1_BF EFI WiDER
    EFI produces an all-in-focus image

2.Use the right illumination method to see fine detail

  • Precision drill 0.4_ob5×z3_BF Fast HDR
    Conventional observation method

  • Precision drill 0.4_ob5×z3_MIX Fast HDR
    MIX illumination (brightfield and darkfield)

Olympus IMS

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The DSX510 is a high-resolution upright motorized microscope with 13x zoom optics. The DSX510 ensures the superior results for any experience level with it's superb operating simplicity and absolute performance reliability.
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