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Measuring the Dimensions of Ceramic Capacitors

Various microscopy techniques using digital microscopes

Ceramic capacitor
Ceramic capacitor


Ceramic capacitors become smaller as equipment becomes smaller, and accurate dimension measurements (length, width, and height) are needed. In the past, calipers were used to measure the dimensions of capacitors, but now the capacitors are becoming too small for calipers to be used.

Olympus’ solution

Olympus' DSX510 digital microscope is ideally suited for measuring small ceramic capacitors. The microscope is capable of capturing both 2D and 3D measurements. The microscope’s software features a digital caliper measurement tool that, unlike conventional calipers, enables the user to set threshold values and the edge detection direction to accurately measure the length and width of a small capacitor. The microscope’s digital caliper is easy to use, so different operators still get repeatable results. For more information, a 3D image can be constructed with just a single click, making it easy to inspect and observe a caliper from any angle.

1.Step measurement

  • Ceramic capacitor ob10×z1×_BF Fast HDR 3D

  • Ceramic capacitor ob10×z1×_BF Fast HDR profile

2.Measuring the width of a capacitor using automatic edge recognition

  • Ceramic capacitor ob10×z1×_BF Fine HDR 2D caliper Measurement

  • Ceramic capacitor ob10×z1×_BF Fine HDR 2D caliper Measurement vertical

Olympus IMS

Products used for this application


The DSX510 is a high-resolution upright motorized microscope with 13x zoom optics. The DSX510 ensures the superior results for any experience level with it's superb operating simplicity and absolute performance reliability.
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