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Measuring the Edge Shape of Engine Inlet and Exhaust Valve Heads

Exhaust Valve Head
Exhaust Valve Head


To ensure an automobile’s fuel combustion efficiency, the inlet and exhaust valves of the combustion chamber must close the openings tightly and without fail. Automobile manufacturers need to measure the dimensions of inlet and exhaust valve heads to ensure that they fit the designed value.

The Olympus solution

The Olympus STM7 measuring microscope provides reliable and precise dimensional measurements. The data accuracy of the STM7 microscope is controlled by a strict traceability management system in compliance with national standards.

Features of the STM7 measuring microscope

  • Easy switching between transmitted light and reflected light helps to speed up the selection of the best illumination method for a measurement area.
  • The STM7 measuring microscope’s objective lenses feature magnifications of 1X to 100X, so measurements can be carried out at the magnification that suits your purpose.
  • The navigation function of the calculation processing software will indicate a direction and distance to the next measurement point, which saves a lot of time when you perform a measurement repeatedly.


  • Outline view of valve
    Engine valve top image
  • Valve head portion
    Engine valve valve head

Measurement view of the STM7 software

Olympus IMS

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