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Measuring the Coating Thickness of Automobile Fuel and Brake Pipes

Fuel and Brake Pipes
Automobile Fuel and Brake Pipes


The surface of automobile fuel and brake pipes are coated with a layer of resin that is typically from 10 μm to 100 μm thick. The thickness and uniformity of this resin coating must be controlled to maintain the resistance of the pipe to rust and heat. Because pipes vary in width, equipment that can acquire the entire cross section of a widefield image and make a highly reliable measurement is required.

The Olympus solution

The Olympus DSX510 digital microscope enables an accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurement of the resin coating thickness through its proven focal plane measurement functionality. When the inspection sample area is very large, high-quality panoramic imaging automatically stitches several images seamlessly into one so that an entire cross sectional area of a pipe can be captured.

Features of the DSX510 microscope

  • Highly reliable measurements with proven accuracy.
  • The image stitching function makes it possible to acquire a widefield image of any pipe in which its entire cross section is included.


View of a pipe and resin coating through a 10x objective lens

automobile pipes
A typical group of resin coated automobile pipes of various widths

Olympus IMS

Products used for this application


The DSX510 is a high-resolution upright motorized microscope with 13x zoom optics. The DSX510 ensures the superior results for any experience level with it's superb operating simplicity and absolute performance reliability.


The DSX510i is a high-resolution inverted motorized scope with 13x zoom optics. This scope offers a new level of inverted metallographic microscopy with its operating simplicity and absolute reliability.
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